The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our society and our economy with unprecedented speed and severity. Our first thoughts are for the health and safety of people everywhere and the thousands of families represented across our portfolio companies.

As we face this evolving threat, Saw Mill Capital is marshalling resources to support our portfolio companies. Several of our companies have been designated essential by applicable authorities, and those company leaders have worked diligently to maintain safe working conditions for their teams. Other companies are navigating government restrictions and guidance to keep their teams safe while continuing to serve their customers.

We will get through this pandemic. While our future is unclear, right now there is immense need and immense courage, and we feel a duty to do our small part. Our team’s core competencies are due diligence, research, and capital allocation, so we turned them to a new challenge. The entire Saw Mill Capital team diligenced, debated, and decided upon five charities making a real impact right now, and our firm and team have donated substantially to them.

City Meals on Wheels to bring food to at-risk individuals in New York City

City Harvest to bring food to in-need families in New York City

New York Community Trust / Westchester Community Foundation Division to address those in need in our Westchester County community

Americares to address the needs of courageous healthcare workers at home and abroad

Gates Philanthropy Partners to accelerate the discovery of vaccines and treatment for COVID-19