Saw Mill Capital responds to COVID-19

Saw Mill Capital takes a unique approach to industry research within middle-market private equity: unlike our middle market peers, we perform industry due diligence with a dedicated internal capability. We are one integrated team with aligned incentives, not reliant on outside consultants.

Understanding industry dynamics is critical to driving outsized returns. Incorporating industry diligence into our investment evaluation has often uncovered growth opportunities or the means to mitigate risks, enabling us to prevail in competitive processes and achieve superior investment performance. Our in-house research team provides our firm and our portfolio companies with a deeper understanding of industry dynamics, and we partner with management teams to capitalize on them.

Since our founding in 1997 we have believed that deeply understanding industry dynamics is critical to:

  • Ascribing full value to businesses and growth opportunities,
  • Accelerating due diligence and speed to close, with greater certainty to close,
  • Partnering with management teams and enabling rapid decision-making, and
  • Investing aggressively inside our portfolio companies.

Our differentiated approach has repeatedly uncovered obscured value and contributed to our exceptional investment returns.

Pre-Close Research Process

Our process facilitates transaction speed and certainty

Dedicated internal research team augmented by outside resources

Engage prior to meeting management team

Driven by primary interviews with industry experts and stakeholders
Best prepared to ask nuanced, high-quality questions

First to validate growth opportunities and industry trends

First to identify and mitigate industry threats and headwinds
1. Due diligence speed
2. Execution certainty

Industry due diligence is complete when we deliver our LOI, providing for highly certain execution

Post-Close Research Process

Our dedicated team augments management capabilities to create value

Market Intelligence
We help our companies better understand their markets
Track competitors, customers, suppliers, influences
Measure market share
Track economic & industry-specific data
Growth Opportunities
We help our companies grow and expand to new markets
Map & size existing and potential customers
Explore competitive dynamics in new services, products, geographies
Research adjacent industries
Tech Acceleration
We help our companies accelerate their technology capabilities
Identify resources to help digitize existing operations
Research new digital revenue opportunities